About us

One recent holiday season - in an effort to give something from the heart - Sweet Heart Granola co-founder decided to make granola for her family and friends. Beyond the basic natural ingredients, she wanted the granola to be healthy, hearty, and heavenly. After sharing it with family and friends, demand for the granola grew and she decided to market their product and share it with the public. Thus Sweet Heart Granola was born.

Baked with no sodium or sugar, Sweet Heart Granola is a unique product that offers consumers a chance to experience a healthy alternative to overly-processed foods. Made with agave, it is committed to your sweet tooth, but in a healthy way. Each batch is handcrafted with you in mind. So what are you waiting for? Do something good for yourself and your own sweetheart(s) and try some Sweet Heart Granola today!

We look forward to serving you a batch of Sweet Heart Granola soon.

Sincerely, Sweet Heart Granola Co-Founder